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Model # Language
Serial Codes Voltage
Total Parts
EFX5.23, RETAIL, 120V, T3,B-UNIT English 00YH 120V 111 Parts
EFX5.33, RETAIL, 120V, T3, B-UNIT English A999 120V 95 Parts
EFX5.17 RETAIL,120V,B-UNIT English IJ 120V 97 Parts
EFX5.21SI RETAIL,120V,B-UNIT English GQ 120V 81 Parts
EFX5.25-11,RETAIL,240V,HHHR English AJTA 240V 136 Parts
EFX5.25-10,RETAIL,120V,HHHR English ATTK 120V 147 Parts
EFX5.23-11,RETAIL,240V,HHHR English AB85 240V 151 Parts
EFX5.23-10,RETAIL,120V,HHHR English AMXR 120V 155 Parts
EFX5.21-10,RETAIL,120V,HHHR English AJPR 120V 138 Parts
EFX5.25-08,RETAIL,120V,HHHR English AEXP 120V 56 Parts
EFX5.23-08,RETAIL,120V,HHHR English ADFP 120V 51 Parts
EFX5.37-11, RETAIL, 120V English ATWE 120V 180 Parts
EFX5.37-11, RETAIL, 240V English AXJE 240V 167 Parts
EFX5.37, RETAIL, 120V (ALPINE) English AYYR 120V 185 Parts
EFX5.35, RETAIL, 240V (ALPINE) English AMWX 240V 172 Parts
EFX5.35, RETAIL, 120V (ALPINE) English AXGR 120V 174 Parts
EFX5.19, RETAIL, 120V, ENG,B-UNIT English 00Y3 120V 114 Parts
EFX5.17I, RETAIL, 120V, ENG,B-UNIT English 00YG 120V 107 Parts
EFX5.17I, RETAIL, 120V,STONE GRAY, English AJKW 120V 131 Parts
EFX-R40 CONSOLE, EFX 2X5/4X3/4X7 English AC64 None 7 Parts
EFX - R20-2 CONSOLE,EFX2X5/4X3/4X7 English AAJC None 4 Parts
EFX - R20 - 1 CONSOLE, EFX221/222 English A757 None 4 Parts
EFX5.25-15,RETAIL,240V,HHHR English ANBY 240V 107 Parts
EFX5.23,RETAIL,120V,L1-20,STONE GRA English AJLN 120V 142 Parts
EFX5.33, RETAIL, 120V, STONE GRAY, English AXFL 120V 121 Parts
EFX5.23, RETAIL, 120V, STONE GRAY, English AAAM 120V 117 Parts
EFX5.21I, RETAIL, 120V, STONE GRAY, English AA35 120V 119 Parts
EFX 5.19, RETAIL, 120V, STONE GRAY, English ATPL 120V 119 Parts
EFX5.33,RETAIL,120V English ATRR 120V 167 Parts
EFX5.31, RETAIL, 240V English AJNX 240V 155 Parts
EFX5.21SI RETAIL,120V English 5F 120V 82 Parts
5.21 240V ELLIPTICAL TRAINER English 3P 240V 28 Parts
5.21 120V ELLIPTICAL TRAINER English 2R 120V 28 Parts
EFX5.37, RETAIL, 120V (ALPINE), ASS English AA97 120V 182 Parts
EFX5.35, RETAIL, 120V , ASSEMBLED English A924 120V 166 Parts
EFX5.33, RETAIL, 120V , ASSEMBLED English AMWF 120V 158 Parts
EFX5.31, RETAIL, 120V , ASSEMBLED English AJNF 120V 146 Parts
EFX5.23,RETAIL,120V,L1-20,STONE GRA English AABH 120V 142 Parts
EFX5.33, RETAIL, 120V, STONE GRAY, English AEXF 120V 121 Parts
EFX5.23, RETAIL, 120V, STONE GRAY, English AMPW 120V 117 Parts

Items 1-40 of 66

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